Can Kitty Litter Really Help Add Traction to Your Driveway?

Here in Brentwood, TN, we certainly are no strangers to the occasional ice or snow storm. However, we don’t always know ahead of time what the weather report will call for and it can be difficult to prepare for the flurries that we may receive. You know you have to prepare your car for the winter, although how much you winterize your vehicle is up to you and what makes you most confident.

When it comes preparing your driveway for any type of slush or snow, you'd think of maybe using salt to prevent the snow from sticking. However, there are some alternatives you can use for your car in the winter such as kitty litter or sand. When it comes to using salt, one problem that arises is that it will dissolve eventually and lose its grittiness.

Kitty litter absorbs the moisture when your car is stuck in slush and it gives your tires a better traction. Another added benefit of using kitty litter is that it has the effect of reducing humidity in your car which means that there will be less frost on the windshield as well if you choose to place some near your windshield. However, it should be noted that kitty litter should not be spread on your driveway but rather put underneath your tires for the added traction.

If you need more tips on your winter emergency kit, visit us at Audi Nashville soon!

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