How to Choose Portable Travel Foods for Your Road Trip

When it comes to planning ahead for road trip success, we know that you’ve got it covered. Of course, taking care of your vehicle in preparation for the holidays is on your mind and you’ll want to bring it to the Audi service center at our Brentwood dealership for a check-up before you leave. However, thinking about food to carry along on a car trip is almost as essential to holiday travel.

The food you pack for holiday travel depends on the mood and likes of your Brentwood holiday travel partners. At any rate, here are a few tips for driving with food for the holidays to make your jovial conversations on the road a real celebration.

  • For immediate consumption, use a thermos for hot drinks.
  • Invest in disposable non-spill cups for all other beverages.
  • Popcorn is a fun food and can be purchased in delicious flavors.
  • Blend your favorite small treats into trail mix. This is a great on the road treat!

For most foods, use snap containers and a portable cooler filled with ice. Whether food is hot or cold, it will keep longer when cold. By the way, do not forget the hand wipes. It will save cleaning the upholstery later. For more tips or to select a road trip-ready Audi SUV for your adventures, visit Audi Nashville!

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