Upcoming Audi A8 Jam-Packed with Technology

New vehicles are expected to have the most technology as possible. Navigation systems, controls, and features are all becoming more and more technology driven. The details of upcoming vehicles show that this trend will continue, vehicles will continue to include as much technology as possible. The 2019 Audi A8, set to release in the summer or spring of 2018, is no exception to this point.

The A8 forfeits a regular array of controls, and substitutes it for three touchscreens that will control the climate and infotainment center, as well as showing the gauge cluster. There are hardly buttons to be found inside the vehicle at all, even the rear seats have touch screen controls, and a lot of legroom. Audi goes above and beyond to provide a foot massager, because they do everything they can to keep their customer experience the best they can.

An Audi is something that is better experienced than told about, so come over to Audi Nashville. We want to see you take a test drive of one of our new Audi vehicles. The sooner you come down the sooner we can help you decide which vehicle is perfect for your lifestyle.

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