Find Out What Makes Audi Quattro Such a Gripping Proposition For Your Next Car

Predictive all-wheel drive systems are becoming more and more commonplace in cars these days, and it’s about time the industry caught up. Audi has been offering such a system on their vehicles for thirty-five years. Called quattro, it works by sending power to the wheels with the most traction and preventing wheel slip before it happens.

Magic? No, just quattro. Every system works using a center differential—instead of a transfer case—to save weight and connects to two output shafts to route power from front to back. For example, on an A4, power is sent 40/60 forward to aft in normal driving. In some situations, 85 percent of the power can be sent rearward, and 70 percent forward, as well as being vectored between each wheel as needed. So if your front axles lose traction, more power will be sent to the back wheels to keep it stable. Seamless and secure—that’s the quattro way.

The quattro system has been copied, but never matched by any competitor. Better yet, it’s available on every new Audi model we offer at our Brentwood, TN dealership. To make sure the vehicle you test drive has it, let your sales representative know.

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