The Value of Your Belts and Hoses

You'll likely see a variety of hoses and belts under the hood of your car. Each of these components are important for the proper operation of the vehicle. If one of the hoses or belts breaks or gets a hole in it, then the vehicle usually won't operate as it should or move at all. The serpentine belt is usually the most important. It provides a large amount of power to the motor so that the car can move when you shift the gears. The timing belt is essential because it allows for proper function of the engine. If the timing belt breaks, the car will not go at all.

Most of the hoses are for the coolant in the vehicle. At times, the hoses can get a hole in them, causing the coolant to leak out. If the coolant leaks out, then the engine can overheat, which can cause significant damage to other parts of the car.

If you aren't sure what to look for or listen to regarding your hoses, the Audi parts specialists at Audi Nashville in Brentwood can examine the vehicle for you. A mechanic can check the car to make sure there aren't any cracks in the hoses and that there aren't any leaks or worn areas that are concerning.

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