Use Windshield Wiper Fluid to Protect Your Warranty

We here at Audi Nashville always advise that you only use approved windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle. Many people bypass this and end up using regular tap water because they feel as if it does the same job.

While water can be used to clean a windshield, it is not advisable to introduce water into the windshield wiper fluid system because it lacks the lubricating qualities that many windshield wiper fluids on the market have. This means that there could be a breakdown of the internal components of the windshield wiper fluid system, which could lead to the system failing and it not being able to operate efficiently.

It is important to the reliability of your windshield wiper system and to your safety as well as to follow warranty and factory guidelines to only use windshield wiper fluid in your system. If you are not sure which kind to use, then please come by our Brentwood, TN service center and we can give you all of the information that you need to put the right fluid in.

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