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Benefits of Alignment Service

Between the stresses of daily driving and sudden impacts like potholes and curbs, your tires take a beating from the road. Since they're the first part of the vehicle to make contact with the road, tires are the first to show wear and tear. Therefore, they need ongoing maintenance and attention to ensure they keep performing at their best. As a driver, you can't always avoid damage from the road, but keeping up with regular tire service, like an alignment, can save you from getting stuck somewhere with a flat or having to pay for costly repairs down the road.

In general, a tire alignment should be performed every 5,000 – 6,000 miles. A tire alignment should also be performed after you've gotten new tires or had seasonal tires changed. Keeping the tires aligned is vital for several reasons. For one, tires that wear beyond their standard capacity lose their ability to grip on road surfaces, which can be especially dangerous on wet and slippery roads. Tires that are worn are also at a higher risk of going flat or blowing out, which can also pose a safety hazard. Since tires are connected to the steering and suspension systems, driving with tires that aren't working can put unnecessary strain on these systems, which can lead to more parts wearing out and more expensive repairs for you.


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Now that you know how important it is to get your tires aligned, you're probably ready to make an appointment. That is a perfect time to schedule an appointment with our service department, as our professional and certified staff has extensive experience performing tire alignments. We also service all makes and models, so you're welcome to bring in any car you drive! From conducting an initial tire evaluation to aligning the tires and making recommendations for any additional repairs, our knowledgeable service staff provides excellent customer care. As an added convenience, you can also ask about any other services your car needs at the same time, like an oil change. The general schedule for a tire alignment is about the same as an oil change, so people sometimes schedule both at once. For the most precise tire alignment schedule, you can check your car owner's manual or the tire manufacturer's recommended schedule. When you bring your car in for service, one of our mechanics will also be able to tell you if you need to adjust your tire alignment schedule based on your driving habits, your tires, and your vehicle.

Audi Nashville Service

Along with top-notch customer care and personal attention, bringing your car in for tire service at Audi Nashville means you'll be getting the best parts, too. Like many certified dealerships, we only source original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for our customers' cars. OEM parts are high-quality parts that come with a manufacturer's warranty. They are all built to a specific (high) level of standard, which means that you can rest assured that the part we put in your car will last as long as it should. The alternative is aftermarket parts, which are used by many small and independent shops. While some people think aftermarket parts sound appealing for their lower cost, they don't realize that these parts are not backed by a warranty. They also vary in quality, which means you might end up with a “lemon” part that needs to be replaced soon after you get it.

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