2020 Audi A4

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the lives of all Audi drivers. Your primary goal understandably is to keep yourself and your family safe, but you also need to keep your Audi well-maintained. The steps that you take to maintain it now will ensure that it remains dependable and reliable to drive. Regardless of whether your Audi is sitting in your garage for weeks on end because of a shelter-in-place order or you are driving your vehicle frequently as a first responder or critical industry worker, it requires regular attention.

Go Out for a Drive

If you are not driving your Audi frequently right now, you need to ensure that it is driven at least once every week or two. Ideally, you will run it for approximately 20 minutes or longer each time. When your Audi is driven regularly, you can prevent many types of automotive damages that could be caused by sedentariness. This includes damage to the brakes, battery, tires, belts, hoses, and more.

Get an Oil Change

Whether you change your Audi vehicle's oil yourself or you drive your Audi to a service center, a regular oil change is essential for the health of your engine. If you use professional services, look for a lube center that allows you to sit in your car while the oil is changed. If you prefer to change your Audi vehicle's oil yourself, you can use online videos to learn the proper steps.

Focus on the Hoses & Belts

When your Audi vehicle's belts and hoses are worn, old, or dried out, they can quickly become severely damaged. Many of the hoses and belts in your Audi are visible when you pop open the hood. Every few weeks, peek under the hood to ensure that these components continue to be in good condition.

Do you have questions about Audi auto maintenance and repairs? Do you have other questions or concerns about your Audi? Reach out to your auto dealership today for personalized assistance with all of your needs.