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When your car needs tire service, whether it's for routine maintenance or emergency repairs, give Audi Nashville's service center a call! Be sure to ask about service specials, too.

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Benefits of Tire Service

From the stresses of year-round commuting to driving in winter weather and hitting potholes, your car's tires take a beating over their lifetime. While you can't avoid inevitable wear and tear on your tires or avoid every single curb and pothole, you can at least take measures to fix your tires when necessary. From tire balancing and rotation to changing seasonal tires and performing alignments, our experienced service team makes sure that you and your car are back on the road - safe and sound - as soon as possible.


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As car owners know, there is a considerable amount of routine maintenance required for maintaining a vehicle. Ranking right up there with oil changes is tire care. Like oil changes, your tires need the occasional rotation to perform at their best. A general rule of thumb is to have your tires rotated when you bring your car in for an oil change, which is about every 3,000 - 5,000 miles. At a minimum, they should be rotated twice a year or every six months. Special consideration should be given to the “drive” tires on your vehicle, as they are subjected to more wear and tear than the lesser powered tires. For the most accurate tire rotation schedule, it's best to check your owner's manual, which tells you when to rotate the tires based on your precise make and model. As anyone who's ever experienced tire problems can inform you, it's best to get your tires serviced regularly to prevent a catastrophe. After all, keeping up with regular rotations and tire checks can save you tremendous amounts of money on replacing tires prematurely or paying for a tow!

If it's time for your car's tires to be rotated, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle in for service. Our expert service department has extensive experience in all aspects of tire service, which means that they'll get you back safely on the road in no time. Along with routine tire rotations, our service department changes seasonal tires, checks and balances tires, replaces tires, and performs all other tire services in between. They're also on hand for repairs should you face the unfortunate situation of a flat or blow-out, or if you have a tire that must be replaced because it's been worn unevenly. We know that dealing with car issues is stressful enough, but you can rest assured you're in good hands knowing that we have a long history of performing tire service. We also service all makes and models for your convenience, which means that you need not just drive an Audi to be welcome here.

Audi Nashville Service

At Audi Nashville, we take pride in providing our customers with top-notch, professional, and friendly service. For that reason, when you bring your car to us, you can know that it will get both excellent care and quality parts. Audi Nashville exclusively sources original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for our customers' cars. The alternative option for car parts is aftermarket parts, which are used by many small and independent car shops. While many customers are eager to use aftermarket parts because of their lower price, they unfortunately often find that to be a mistake. Aftermarket parts, unlike OEM parts, are not backed by a manufacturer's warranty. They are also inconsistent in quality, which may end up meaning that you have to replace a part sooner than expected.

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