Your vehicle's cabin air filter cleans the air that's fed into its HVAC system. It traps pollen, dust, and other contaminants, and as such, it should be replaced at regular intervals. Typically, dirty cabin air filters offer several signs when it's time for replacement.

A common symptom of a faulty cabin air filter is a lack of airflow from interior vents. A clogged filter won't allow as much air through as a clean one will, and it can reduce the system's overall cooling and heating capacity. Another sign of a cabin filter problem is a foul odor coming from the interior vents; it may become more pronounced when you turn the heat or air on. In either case, cabin filter replacement can help you and your passengers stay more comfortable.

A cabin air filter is an oft-forgotten but still important piece of equipment, and like other air filters, it needs to be changed regularly. Visit Audi Nashville, conveniently located in Brentwood, Tennessee, for prompt, precise air filter replacement.

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