Every day across the United States, people put their lives on the line working on the side of American highways. Unfortunately, according to statistics, 200 or more of those individuals per year lose their lives after being struck by cars or road debris in the line of duty. This statistic is in addition to the more than 150 law enforcement officers that have lost their lives roadside since 1997.

Statistics such as these brought to life what are known as "Move Over or Slow Down" laws. These laws exist in all 50 states but unfortunately, more than 71% of U.S. drivers are unaware that they exist. These laws, in case you are not familiar with them, are a set of laws that basically state that drivers must move over or slow down for vehicles roadside with their emergency flashers on including law enforcement, ambulances, and tow trucks.

The staff here at Audi Nashville in Brentwood, TN hopes that you will share this information with others and spread awareness surrounding these lifesaving laws!

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