A leaky exhaust can cause your car to sound loud, but that's not all. It can also result in dangerous gases traveling into the car and putting you and your passengers at risk. We at Audi Nashville have technicians qualified in exhaust system inspections, repair and replacement.

There are a few different indications that you have a leaky exhaust, with the main one being a high-pitched hissing or popping sound from by the tailpipe. Another indication, other than it being louder than normal, is vibration when you're driving. The vibration is usually felt when you touch the steering wheel, gas pedal or even the seats. You can also check for small leaks yourself. Look under the car from the engine right to the tailpipe.

Stop in at our Brentwood, TN shop or call for an appointment. We can service your exhaust system and also offer you a full range of automotive services.

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