The majority of new cars on the market have tire pressure monitoring systems that tell you when your tire pressure is low via a tire pressure sensor. This is usually the reason this light comes on in your car.

In most vehicles, there is a pressure sensor in each tire, which is linked to the light that appears on your dashboard when something's not quite right. Some cars also have a system that will turn this light on if one of your wheels is out of sync with the others in terms of speed and rotation.

Typically, you can get this light to turn off by inflating your tires a bit. Sometimes, the pressure in your tires decreases or increases due to temperature changes. But, a tire that is losing pressure could also be damaged or in desperate need of replacement. If your light continues to come on or will not turn off, you will want to visit our Audi service center in Brentwood, TN to ensure that everything is working properly.

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